“What Is Healthy” (Solo Exhibition 2019)

Backside, Rotterdam, 2018

During a four month period, I researched the topic of health and the value and meaning of it, on a really personal level. I did especially focus on the aspect of mental health and how our body and mind are connected with each other. In a one week long exhibition, I wanted to pass on the message to listen to our body and it’ s needs in order to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life. The key message of my solo exhibition, was to be one with the nature and to not see scars as a sign of failure, but as an indicator that we are being built and formed by life and our surroundings.

Untitled, Switzerland, 2019

The highlight of the exhibition was the opening at the 30th of January.

In a half an hour long walk we opened the exhibition together by walking from the north-side of the Maastunnel in Rotterdam together to the exhibition space in the south of Rotterdam. Together, we experienced a journey in our minds which was enriched by a self-written text of mine, that we performed together by reading it out loud.

“The opening walk” 30th of January 2019

the read pieces of the text, we left along the way, so other “passengers” could find the conclusion of my four month research.

The Official Exhibition Audio, 2019
Flip through the book of the exhibition, 2019 (20×28.7cm)