“In China diversity meets deep curiosity. Everything that is out of norm, should be captured with a camera, to freeze to a never ending moment that can be shared and discussed with friends and family.”

In a three week period in August 2018, I travelled together with my sister four major cities in China. We experienced a sort of “celebrity reaction”; when we would walk through the city all eyes seemed to be on us and a lot of Chinese people walked up to us to ask for a picture.

After a few pictures I started to realize how one sided and also superficial this interaction was and I did not want to maintain in the role of being the one that is being looked at.

This realization marked a turning point during our travel, when I created a new project called “THE DEAL”.

The main idea throughout the project “THE DEAL” is, to initiate an interaction between me and the people that asked me for a picture and to create a sort of balance of trade. If people asked me if they can have my picture, I did not want to refuse a picture of me, however I wanted a memory of them as well.

This exchange of images, but also cultures, only seemed fair and in addition seemed to value each individual that I interacted with.

At some point my camera also became a tool of interaction and a device to overcome the language barrier. However this moments only marked small (but few) points throughout our journey in China. Overall the experience remained two worlds existing next to (or maybe within) each other…

Over all, Traveling China was an interesting environment, my work “THE DEAL” is a response to the cultural experience we had and I already exhibited this work the deals various times in Switzerland (Zurich) and the Netherlands.