Friday Night Nude Painting – Introduction to Painting Nudes in a relaxed evening


Every Second Friday / Dates below

6:30 PM to 09:00 PM

IIAP, 12 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048

Introduction to Painting Nudes in a relaxed evening

This evening workshop will introduce you to some techniques, tips and practical experience of painting a live nude.

Nudity has historically been a huge inspiration for various artists’ bodies of work. To capture a human’s purest form of being is seen as taboo in some circles. However, in an artist’s world, it is considered magical. Let’s create that magic together.

This workshop is for anybody who wants to have first-hand exposure to painting a human body. You may be wanting to create a piece of art that you can hang on your wall. Or you may be wanting to go deeper and explore yourself as an artist. Whatever is your reason, this workshop would be a wonderful experience for you.

If you are into other visual arts like photography, illustrations or sketching, you may find painting a live subject very immersive experience. Imagine, working with layers of paints, details of the human body, mixing the shades of grey and seeing the art coming alive gradually. Isn’t it very different from other instant ways of replicating visual scenes?

For many of us, it can even help us slow down, relax and become better in other art forms.

Photos from the Previous Workshop

How the workshop will proceed

It is a practical workshop where we will provide some basic guidelines about putting figures on paper. This exercise will give you a basic idea and warm you up. Once you are ready to paint a live model, a canvas will be provided to you. You will use this canvas to make your own art under the guidance of our expert mentor.

We will provide

  • Paints (Acrylic)/Brushes
  • Canvas
  • Easel (if needed)

You may need to bring

  • Apron (if you feel comfortable with it)
  • Your food/nibbles/drinks (non-alchoholic)

Other Details

  • Cost is $70 per session.
  • Every Second Friday from 6:30 – 9:00 pm – 19th February / 5th March
  • The location would IIAP, 12 Bridge Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048


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